It’s all perspective..

Those of you who follow this blog regularly may be aware that my friend Peter comments almost as regularly as I post, and he says stuff that is pretty darn important (mostly).  However, I want to say some things about his comment on yesterday’s PS post (have a quick look if you don’t remember).  You see, Peter, it really is about perspective.  Although I haven’t known you all that long, I do know that over the past few years, major weight loss has not been an issue for you. Some days, in your blog, you indicate that you do need to lose a few pounds, but then for a while you were posting your caloric intake, and I had to remind myself that you’re an athlete who trains hard and needs lots of carbs.  I, on the other hand, am allergic to carbs; whenever I see one, I want to eat it, and whenever I eat one, it reappears as a new bulge somewhere on my body.  Even if, in some other life, you were heavier than you are now, I can’t imagine that you were ever faced with the necessity to lose lots of weight.  By lots, I mean more than 50 pounds.

For those of us who live in the fat world, the task of significant weight loss is a life-long one.  Most of us have tried nearly every diet or weight-loss plan known to man (and woman) and even when we are successful in reaching our goals, we know that it would take no effort at all to return to the blimp-like creatures we once were.  Maintenance is almost as hard as loss.  But to get back to the perspective thing and remember that I speak from the position of one who has lost 50+ pounds and kept it off for over a year.  It took me about 8 months to lose the weight, and during those eight months, losing a pound in any given week was cause for celebration.  Sure, I know that normal body-weight fluctuations can be more than a pound, but when you’re trying to lose weight, that knowledge is replaced by the need to celebrate every small victory.  Even if it’s only a pound. 

During 2013, my goal was to lose another 30 pounds.  Well, that never happened, so I take solace in the fact that since last January’s pre-cruise weight, I’ve only gained a pound. Maintaining my position has been very difficult for me because of all the other crap that went on during the year.  I eat in response to stress, to ward off depression and to deal with depression — the classical mood eater.  So I’m proud of that one pound. From my perspective, it’s a victory.  Sort of. 

This year, I am going to lose those 30 pounds. So, my friend Peter, when I come back, you can be my personal trainer if you like, but you have to remember that you will be starting with a potato of the couch variety, one who is largely allergic to exercise, and one with some physical limitations that would try the patience of any personal trainer.  We do plan to join the Y when we get back so I can start some water programs (provided it has warmed up a bit; no swimming and then coming out into the cold for this kid).  We can discuss fees and things after our tea date.  I do insist on weekly weigh-ins though, as a means of providing reinforcement for success and renewed motivation in the case of blips in the process.

Despite the ridiculous weather, I did go out this morning for my last coffee date before departure (with my brother).  Had to get a few groceries and return the cable to Best Buy, so since I was out anyway, I went over to Tim’s and got us some tea.  It was most welcome when I got home.  I mean, really, enough already!!  The snow plow guys had been by during the early morning hours so the driveway had been plowed.  It had also had time to drift in again.  The streets in the subdivision had not yet met a snow plow, and the parking lots were being plowed as I tried to park in them.  If it hadn’t been so cold in the wind, it would have been amusing.  If you like that sort of thing.  It’s been so cold this winter that Doug’s Winnipeg cousin has had enough.  And everyone knows that Winnipeggers are among the hardiest of us Canadians.  We’ll see how hardy we are when it comes to church tomorrow morning.  The evening service is a definite, no matter what the weather.

Well, never mind.  Thursday morning, we fly to Florida.  I’ll hold on to that.

Love, gail


4 thoughts on “It’s all perspective..

  1. Touche Gail! I understand totally. Well said! When we get a chance I will properly explain my theories.
    By the way. I weigh 170 pounds with a 32″ waist. I’ve been as low as 160, and hope to get back there again before my next event. It is however a constant struggle for me, as I am genetically inclined to gain weight. Ten years ago I weighed 250 with a 42″ waist.


  2. Well said!! As someone who struggles too a pound is cause for celebration!! I lost 2 this week–happy dance.

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