I found something!!!

The person who loses at least one thing a day has actually found two things today.  I usually throw all the cables for charging my various devices on a small desk in the bedroom, where they’re handy to an electrical outlet.  They’re all very carefully labelled since some of them look remarkably similar and with my limited knowledge of such things, I don’t want to screw anything up.  When I was trying to get things together prior to packing them, I couldn’t find the cable for the Bluetooth keyboard that goes with my tablet.  It was gone.  Nowhere in the house.  I swear it!  I went to Best Buy, thankfully following my brother’s advice to take the keyboard with me, and discovered that it requires a micro-USB (the other end is a regular USB, I knew that).  Before that moment, I was totally unaware that there was a micro-USB, thinking that the mini-USB that connects the remote from my hearing aids to power was the smallest it got, and thus the same size as the one for the keyboard. At least I didn’t try to force it into the hole that looked the same size. 

So I shelled out $20 for three feet of cable with two little connectors on it, being told I could return it if the other one turned up.  Guess who’s going to Best Buy tomorrow!! It had been hiding among a pile of papers that was waiting to be packed somewhere in our luggage. How it got there is, of course, a total mystery, but that doesn’t matter, I found it.  That’s what matters!

Second found item: two small flashlights that accompany us on all trips ever since the big blackout a long time ago.  They’re tiny LED lights, a couple of bucks almost anywhere these days. Ours were not where I initially thought they were, and it’s been bugging me for three days that I can’t remember where the are.  Logically, they should be in a suitcase that we use all the time, but when did we travel last, where did we go, and which luggage did we actually use on that trip.  I narrowed it down, I thought, by the process of elimination. At one point, I asked Doug to shake the suitcase that I was now absolutely certain contained the elusive little things, but he said it didn’t rattle.  Now where do I look; that suitcase was my certainty.  Just before I started to type this, I went to look myself.  I opened the darn thing and poked around inside it.  And there they were, exactly where I had remembered, or at least deduced, they were!  THAT is an accomplishment.

Perhaps I haven’t lost my mind after all.

I’m going to have supper now.  My right hand hurts.  My nose hurts because I looked outside and saw the wind blowing.  My nose always hurts in the cold.

Love, gail

2 thoughts on “I found something!!!

  1. That isn’t an age thing because I have done it a couple of times. I like to think it’s an “organized mess”.

  2. It’s so good to take pleasure in the little things. Aint life grand?!

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