Good day today!

I got a ton of stuff done today and still managed to get two meals ready.  Also did laundry, darned socks, sorted out clothes for the trip and did the thing I dislike nearly as much as any other household task, ironing.  Two pant hems to whip up on the sewing machine tomorrow, formal wear for the trip to pack somehow, and I think I’m on the down-slope of preparations.  Feels good.

A good friend, upon reading the blog, suggested that I try to banish the negative thoughts from my mind, and thus from my day-to-day functioning.  Would that it were so easy!  She is aware of the difficulties, but hopes that I could engage in some brain training to change how it works.  I will try.  The thing is that for folks like me who are prone to depression, finding the positive is sometimes nearly impossible. Funny, while Doug can be far more positive than I, he also has his dark moments.  When we got married, we agreed that the two of us would never be sick at the same time. I wish we had made the same agreement about our moods. Trouble is, when one of us is in a bad place, we often drag the other in with us, despite our best intentions not to do so. 

So perhaps the solution to my pessimistic view of things lies in the sharing of effort to train the brain. We have investigated a brain training program to help keep us both sharp (and maybe even help with my failing memory).  Maybe there is a part of it that can change thought patterns as well.

I’m very tired.  Physically.  Standing on my feet for much of the day, walking back and forth all over the house (note to self: find pedometer), missing my nap….  Time to go and collapse in my La-Z-Boy.

Love, gail

2 thoughts on “Good day today!

  1. Aha!
    While I sure don’t have the answers to your mood struggles, as I share the same problem, I do indeed have an answer to your ironing woes. While you may still need an iron for things like a newly hemmed pant leg, it should banished for most routine de-wrinkling jobs. Buy yourself a good quality steamer, and I promise your life will improve in all regards!!


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