Reality setting in…

As December draws inexorably to its end, I have another life change to work through. Even though I was out of the classroom from 2005 until 2011 when I officially “retired,” I think I always knew I would be back, if only for a while and only part-time. Which is, of course, what I’ve just done. And now it’s all over but the storing of final exams. And the marking of the two final exams to be written on January 11. Then it will be truly finished. Then what? What happens then?

I realize that’s the question that retirees face every day, but now it’s my turn, and while I’ve kind of been there before, this time it is SO final. So along with the transition to healthy 67-year-old, I will have to add in the transition to true retiree. Sounds easy, right? Nope. It will be a struggle unless or until I can accept the changes and carve out new roles for myself. So stay tuned as the journey continues. Input welcome, as always….


One thought on “Reality setting in…

  1. “this time it is SO final”
    Sometimes reality is hard to accept. This is the end of one chapter of your life but it’s the beginning of a different chapter–new possiblities.

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