‘Twas the day after ….

….our final Christmas celebration, and all through the house, not a human wanted to stir, but life demands some kind action at least some of the time. So brother has been met for coffee, groceries bought, gift card spent for lunch, New year’s supper all arranged. Now a cup of tea and a Christmas cookie, followed by a nap. After that, who knows?

I’m seriously tired so I need to rest, big time. Everything hurts far more than it should. The numbness, which had been tolerable, has become increasingly both annoying and painful. I’m still terribly irritable. You don’t want to read about that, so I won’t inflict it on you any longer. One thing, though…I forgot to do my weight loss report yesterday: nothing remarkable, just a half pound gain. But wait until next week!!

One thought on “‘Twas the day after ….

  1. You make me smile with your half pound weight gain. Your tea and cookies weigh a half pound! 🙂


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