Christmas Past

or is that “passed?” Whatever, Christmas Number 3 is now history. Good dishes washed and put back in their secure hiding place, table-cloth washed and put away, no sign that they were ever here. Except for some new presents under the trees and two very tired people. The stew was such a success that there are no leftovers. We actually spoke to one another, and even managed a phone call to fourth brother John, across the pond near Bristol, England. An odd conversation, but contact made.

Funny how things work out. Doug has been having spasms in his back, a recurring problem for which no apparent solution seems to exist. When he gets tired or abandons his exercise regimen for a bit, this spasming thing sets in. He, who has been getting stuff off the low shelves (as well as the high ones) so that I won’t get dizzy, is now in so much pain when he does so that I have taken over. So far, no falling over. He has taken over other tasks, so the load always balances.

The stress of all this celebrating got to me last night, and I had a melt-down. Haven’t had one this bad for a very, very long time. All evening, I wrote it out in my head, but now, when it comes to actually put it on paper, I realize that it just isn’t worth it. We seem to have resolved the problem, so why dredge it up again? Leave it that I lost it, then found it (whatever “it” is) again. All is well.

And now, being awfully aware of numbness in the old right hand again, I shall retire to the withdrawing room, er… TV room, and bid you all a good night.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Past

  1. How interesting that I had the same awareness as you. I mentally write a lot of stuff in my head and then when I go to write it in my journal I didn’t think it was worth it. Christmas is a blessed time but it is stressful. I’m glad you let it out “whatever it is”

  2. I totally get the stress part Gail. Be at peace.

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