Christmas Number 1

I tried to do this last night but was so tired that it came out as a garbled mess of words. While it’s likely not much better today, at least both eyes are open. I likely won’t get back here before tomorrow sometime, so I wish all of you, believer or not, a truly blessed Christmas, in the midst of all you love and hold dear. For the believers among you, let us join again in the celebration of the birth of a baby long ago and far away, a baby who revolutionized the world, who gave us all the chance to live.

There is nothing like the sound of small children at Christmas time to banish any dark mood. So it was today when we celebrated with my brother and sister-in-law, my nephew and his family. The kids, Emma and Adam, aged 9 and 7, are a never-ending source of joy. And headaches. Because we aren’t used to any kind of noise, most of our visits with the little ones end with headaches, at least for me.

Today, their joy banished the darkness, at least for a while. By the time we got home, it had returned. Not as dark, to be sure, but still dark. It is all becoming clearer to me, the source of this angst (sorry for sounding pedantic, but that’s exactly what it is). I’m beginning to get a fix on what’s going on in my head. Doug’s advice to sleep it off simply won’t play for me. And I think he knows that. Maybe by the end of the week, I will be able to verbalize some of it.

Tomorrow, I cook dinner for Doug, we have our own celebration of Christmas, then go to the late service at the church to join with our friends to worship at the manger and rejoice in the arrival of the baby who changed the world. Home to bed, up on Christmas morning and back to my brother’s for a traditional Frankel family Christmas morning brunch — that will be Christmas Number 2 — then home to spend some quality time alone together. Thursday is our day off. No Boxing Day sales for us! Perhaps a drive if the weather cooperates, or a movie if we can figure out the Rogers on Demand thing. Friday, Christmas Number 3 with Doug’s brothers, again providing the weather cooperates. They were supposed to come last Saturday, but some ice storm or other kept them in Toronto. Doug cooks New Year’s Eve and we try to stay awake until midnight. Then, I think, the celebration is over.

And we can begin to get excited about our cruise!


One thought on “Christmas Number 1

  1. Hey Gail,
    I hope every day from here on in is Christmas for you, and if Christ is a big part of it then I’m very happy for you. And even if I don’t know what pedantic means, it sounds like you are on the edge of some true clarity. I look forward to hearing more about it. You may help a lot of people by sharing what you learn.
    And lastly, although I don’t buy the story of Jesus Christ, I also don’t identify as a non-believer. 🙂
    Respectfully, and with much love, your friend and admirer,
    p.s. I’m gonna look up pedantic now

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