Crappy day all around, except..

Today wasn’t nice.  Rain and wind, low pressure, all things that make me ache.  And I regressed into my world of complaining about my health.  Increased he morning does of Lyrica and so I hope and pray that I get some relief from the numbness, tingling and pain.  My hips decided that today was the day for them to remind me of their presence.  I am trying not to beat mysef up about my loss of focus on the ‘healthy’ me; it is hard though, because it hasn’t been all that long since I began the process of transformation.

So what were the good things about today?  Coffee with a dear friend, some down time with Doug (even though he beat me at Words with Friends yet again).  I guess that’s enough.  But I really don’t want to force this writing thing tonight, so I won’t.

Tomorrow is, after all, Friday!

One thought on “Crappy day all around, except..

  1. Hey Gail, you gotta give yourself a break. You face a lot of challenges and I think it’s okay to get a bit frustrated. I don’t think it’s regression. Rather, you’re just marshalling your strength for the next big push. Game on!


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