It’s all about balance, isn’t it?

It’s really frustrating this medication thing.  Into my second week of first step increase of the stuff that is supposed to stop .. ok, help…the nerve stuff in my hands with no improvement.   But my days are totally messed up because I’m zonked before 10 am, and have trouble functioning at all because I am feeling weak, drowzy and almost dizzy … what I call wobbly.  So while I wait for the negative side effects to subside, I wonder how much more increase I can tolerate.  I know I can’t tolerate the feelings in my right hand much longer.

Marking my midterm will be interesting next week.

Doug and I will be celebrating one of our special days tomorrow; it’s the 24th anniversary of our first date.  Traditionally, we return to the same restaurant each year, and that’s what we plan on doing.  Need some fun!!


3 thoughts on “It’s all about balance, isn’t it?

  1. I certainly hope the meds start to do their job soon.

    Have fun on your date — Tak Sun?

    See you soon, though not tomorrow. 😦

    Hugs! KC

  2. Hey Gail! Can I mark those midterms for you? What’s the worst that can happen? Trust me…getting fired’s not that bad. And we could always say it was some important sociological experiment, write a paper about it, and probably get published.


  3. Peter, good post and I could help mark too. Go out and enjoy yourself as I’m sure it will be worth it.

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